Thank you to the creative folks at Trampoline for their hard work on our stunning new logo. Our new logo consists of mosaic pieces that are coming together like stepping stones through a journey or through life. The different colours and pieces represent the uniqueness and spectrum of autism disorders. The shapes come together and the lines in between represent our communities uniting across Nova Scotia, as well as exploring their own individual paths and journeys. In the middle of the icon’s negative space is a guiding star which speaks to navigation. One of many things we see Autism Nova Scotia and its Chapters as is navigators for people and families living with autism and we are proud to share this with you today!

We look forward to a new website as well which is a collaborative effort of Trampoline and Momentum IT Group. Stay tuned to know the date of our launch!




Today is World Autism Awareness Day and we need your help!  

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released its newest Autism prevalence numbers just a few days ago.  1 in 68!!

Silence is not an option.

We want everyone touched by Autism in Canada to have their voices heard.  The Canadian Autism Spectrum Disorder Alliance (CASDA) needs 5,000 people to voice their opinions through an online National Needs Assessment Survey (both English and French).  This data will support CASDA's request to the government for a National Autism Action Plan.  Government won't change unless they know how, and guess what? They want to help!  The Public Health Agency Canada is funding this project, so let's tell them how to help us!

Click the button below. Complete the CASDA National Needs Assessment Survey. Spread the Word. Help us 

 CASDA National Needs Assessment Survey


Why is Autism Nova Scotia celebrating Light It Up Blue?

Light It Up Blue is a global awareness movement to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism. While this movement was launched originally by Autism Speaks in 2010, it has since been adopted widely all over the world as a celebration of community and support. We are pleased to join the world in spreading awareness for the 1 in 68 living with autism, and we are de”light”ed that we get to do so in one of the official colours of our beloved province, which we are also proud to feature as one of the colours in our new logo. It is in this spirit of true community support that Autism Nova Scotia celebrates Light It Up Blue. 

Recognizing that Light It Up Blue began with Autism Speaks, we want to acknowledge and clarify that Autism Nova Scotia is an independent provincial not-for-profit society, and is not an affiliate of that organization. Funds raised by Autism Nova Scotia are, and always have been, used exclusively to provide programs and services for individuals and families living with autism in Nova Scotia. Our commitment is to celebrate and support the strengths of people with autism across the lifespan – to work towards a world where all people with Autism Spectrum Disorder can live their lives fully. 

Autism Nova Scotia is a registered non-profit organization serving the autism community across Nova Scotia. Formerly known as the Provincial Autism Centre, Autism Nova Scotia was founded in 2002 as an information and resource centre for families, professionals, educators and the community at large. For over 10 years the Centre has grown these programs and services, and we now offer parent support, education sessions, Autism Arts, the Ben James Summer Camp, teen and adult social groups, family respite weekends, the T.R.A.A.C.E. pre-vocational program, Autism Works employment support, and an award-winning social enterprise called The Promise of a Pearl. Over the last five years, Autism Nova Scotia has brought grassroots autism groups across the province together to better provide programs and services in rural areas, and together we now represent a unified voice for autism as we lobby for government support. In addition to our central operations in Halifax, Autism Nova Scotia now operates with a Chapter model, which includes: Annapolis Valley Chapter, South Shore Chapter, South West Nova Chapter, Truro Chapter, Strait Area Chapter and Bedford-Sackville Chapter. 

In 2011, Autism Nova Scotia launched Walk the Walk for Autism in cooperation with volunteer-led autism organizations across the province. The most important and distinctive feature of this Walk is that ALL of the funds stay in the communities in which they were raised. These funds are used to provide services and programs for children, teens and adults on the Autism Spectrum in the communities where they live – right here in Nova Scotia. As a direct result of this Walk, rural autism groups and Autism Nova Scotia Chapters have been able to deliver much-needed programs and services for children, youth and adults with autism in communities across the province. 

Thank you for helping us to shine a light on the many strengths of people with autism, and share the guiding message that Support Means Success.

Registrations and pledges are now open at Walk the Walk for Autism – please visit


Thank you to CTV for their continued support of Autism Nova Scotia.

Video commercial for the 2012 Autism Golf Ball. Stay tuned as we are re-developing this event after 8 successful years of Golfing, Bidding, Dining and Dancing!

Learn about Autism Nova Scotias programs, services and staff.

Wednesday April 2, 2014
CASDA National Needs Assessment Survey - Have Your Voice Heard!
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Wednesday April 2, 2014
World Autism Awareness Day Open House!
 Join us at Autism Nova Scotia on April 2nd - World Autism Awareness Day. From 12:30pm - 4:30pm we will host an Open House featuring entrepreneurs with autism selling artwork, ... read more

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