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Toonies for Autism

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Mark your calendars: Toonies for Autism is coming back this April!

Download the 2020 Toonies for Autism Registration Form!​

Toonies for Autism is a unique and innovative fundraiser that focuses on raising funds to enhance educational resources for students with autism while enhancing autism programs and services in the community. We hope you will join us in this exciting opportunity to build more inclusive and accepting communities together. 

We are so excited to welcome the returning support of all the schools who participated with us last year! Last year, Toonies for Autism gave schools a chance to celebrate neurodiversity, educate the community about autism, and purchase necessary resources to enhance the school experience of students on the autism spectrum. 

In 2020, we look forward to working with more partnering schools across the province to raise funds for autism support, programs, and services. Let's build more inclusive communities together!

Find out how your school can get involved, please contact your local chapter's Coordinator:

Annapolis Valley Autism Support Coordinator: Brenda Nyenhuis  


Cape Breton Autism Support Coordinator: Samantha Gascoyne  

Cumberland County Autism Support Coordinator: Elaine Mazur 

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Pictou County Autism Support Coordinator: Willa Kray  

South Shore Autism Support Coordinator: Rachel Whynot

South West Nova Autism Support Coordinator: Annette Muise 

Strait Area Autism Support Coordinator: Laurie Suitor  

Truro Autism Support Coordinator: Leah Poirier 

For Halifax's Coordinator for Toonies for Autism, please reach out to Lauren Goerz:

Join our story this year and use the hashtag #Toonies4AutismNS

We will be updating this page in the coming weeks to send you most up to date resources, tools and ideas for Toonies!