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​Autism Nova Scotia offers a suite of services that can help employers gain the training and education they need to be more inclusive businesses, and build their bottom line.

Autism in the Workplace Training 

Autism Nova Scotia also offers employers the opportunity for Autism in the workplace training sessions. These brief information sessions are designed to give a workplace, co-workers, managers, or employees a broad introduction to Autism;  offer some insight into common difficulties that people with Autism confront in workplaces; outline common accommodations that better equip a workplace for diverse neurological types; and demonstrate the  benefits of creating inclusive workplaces built on a culture of accommodation for both workers and customers. Our staff deliver dozens of customized talks each year to workplaces and have worked with groups as diverse as security firms, hotel and hospitality chains, retail stores, service sector and government, manufacturing, tech and research, and more. 

Contact our Regional Autism Coordinator, Brian Foster to inquire and learn more.


Ready, Willing & Able

Educating Employers on the Business Case for Inclusive Employment

Autism Nova Scotia is pleased to have staff devoted to educating employers on the business benefits of employing people with Autism, and to helping businesses connect to and develop the labour supply pipelines that diversify their workforces while building stronger, more resilient and more profitable businesses. As a partner in the national reaching Ready, Willing and Able program, our staff have connected employers in a variety of industries and sectors to a diverse labour pool, and have facilitated dozens of hires. Our RWA team is available for general education sessions to groups and for firm level meetings to outline the steps an employer can take to becoming a more profitable business through inclusive hiring.  READ MORE

Contact our Regional Autism Coordinator, Brian Foster to inquire and learn more or visit