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Tenants' Resources: Rent & Eviction during COVID-19

Download the PDF Resource Package for Tenants, Renter's Rights & Evictions

​​Can’t afford to pay rent?

If you were laid off from your job because of COVID-19 you may not have enough money to pay your rent.

The first thing you should do: contact your landlord and tell them you can not pay your rent because of COVID-19. Ask them what options are available.

Usually, when you do not pay rent you can be evicted, which means your landlord tells you to leave because you are not following the law of your rental agreement.

But Nova Scotia has banned evictions for people who cannot afford to pay their rent due to COVID-19, from March 19 – June 19, 2020.

This does not mean that everyone can just not pay their rent. This new rule only applies to:
· People who lost their job because of changes with your employment or income because of COVID-19 (for example, you were laid-off);
· People who are sick with COVID-19 and are unable to work.

If you are still working, or if you lost your job for other reasons, you may still be required to pay your rent on time.

Is your landlord evicting you?
Contact Nova Scotia Legal Aid or Dalhousie Legal Aid.

How to contact them:
· Nova Scotia Legal Aid hosts an online chat on its website,, every Wednesday from 3 to 5 p.m.
· Dalhousie Legal Aid

Discuss your situation and they will give you free legal advice for what to do next

Has your landlord has locked you out, cut off your utilities, or thrown out your belongings?
· Call the Halifax police non-emergency line at 902-490-5020;
· Explain what has happened and the police will tell you what to do next

Other things you can and should do if you’re being evicted:
Contact your local politicians – your Municipal Councillor, Provincial Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), and Federal Member of Parliament (MP), and explain your situation. They may have some advice for you and should hear from you:

- You can find your city councillor and their contact information on the city’s website here:

- You can find your provincial MLA and their contact information here:

- You can find your federal Member of Parliament and their contact information here:

Understand your rights as a tenant:
· Residential Tenancies Renting Guide -
· Nova Scotia Residential Tenancy Law Resources and Information -
· Finding a Place and Being a Good Tenant -,%20%202019%202.pdf
· Tenants’ Rights Guide -