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Host Chapter: Halifax Categories: Adults

Video Project Club

Video Project Club is for Autistic adults/adults with autism interested in creating short films. This club meets weekly and works as a group to create storyboards, scripts, film and edit video projects.

Ages/Life Stage

Adults (19 years of age and up)

Registration Cost

$40 per term


Sessions are each Monday from 3:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Video Project Club was launched in 2017 by Dalhousie University Occupational Therapy students who were on placement with Autism Nova Scotia. The students discovered that there was interest among autistic individuals accessing Autism Nova Scotia’s services in creating video content so they worked with them to develop the autistic-led Video Project Club. Many of the club’s original members are still with the project.

Since its inception, autistic individuals and autistic voices have increasingly come to the forefront of the program and it is now led and facilitated by people on the spectrum.

Each September, a group of autistic individuals come together through the Video Club Project, elect a director from among the group and develop the year’s creative project – from story lines and scripts to filming, editing and sharing their completed video. Theatre space at Dalhousie is the site of each year’s Red Carpet Premiere held in late April. There, Video Project Participants view the final cut of their project at a pre-screening held in the theatre before the public premiere.

In the past, the premiere has been attended by up to 200 people, including media and dignitaries, who are treated to a screening followed by a Question & Answer period with project members.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 Video Project premiere was held virtually through an interactive social media event which drew more than 600 views of the club’s video on opening night alone.

"“I think Video Project is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” "

- Project Participant

"“What we’re trying to show is that anyone with autism can do anything out there. We have our own talents, our own ideas, and our own hearts.” "

- Project Participant


Nick Hasey, Video Project Facilitator

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