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Autism Nova Scotia offers a wide range of programs and supports to adults on the autism spectrum/Autistic adults. These services aim to support individuals throughout every aspect of their life. These services and supports include:

• Employment (employment readiness and skill building, one-on-one employment support, employment support group, employment interest exploration)
• Wellness (Healthy Relationships, Sexuality and Autism program, Women’s Autism/Autistic Project, and group programs through Pinwheel Wellness clinic)
• Clinical mental health support (Occupational Therapy and Counselling)
• Post-secondary support
• Future planning (Person Directed Planning Program, Bridges to Success, Employment Compass)
• Respite navigation and database support
• Recreational and leisure programs (Social Group, Supported Social Group, Dungeons and Dragons, Virtual Club, Weekend R+R, Ben James Summer Camp and Video Project).

Our programs aim to support Autistic individuals in all aspects of their life in a person directed way that supports their individual wants and needs.