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Test Page

Programs and Services landing page

Added 3 boxes to top, added Find your RAC at the bottom

Reece to send a list for the Categories search filter (this needs to be coded to add more and more as they come)

Programs and Services internal page

  • Headers/subtitles need to be customizable. ie. “Registration Cost” on this sample could be “Registration Info” on another. Basically they need to be able to call each thing whatever they want
  • Need to be able to add resources on these pages – they want to be able to use the icons that I created (video, PDF, image, etc)

Regional Autism Centres page

Changed Programs & Services section to be shown as 3 boxes with a load more option?

Our Team page

Central to be first section and to include dropdown sub-headings *only dropdown within Central*

General template page

Reece would like a template page to be made so they can add new pages as they wish, and to be able to add them under any drop-down menu