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Video: A Place to Belong

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Walk YOUR Way 2022 Raffle

In our province today, 1 in 34 children under the age of five have a confirmed diagnosis of autism. This statistic and our commitment to the autism community inspires our work and pushes us to do what we can to enhance the lives of these children throughout their lifespans.   Walk YOUR Way is an…

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Andrew’s Employment Success

Employment support programs break workplace barriers by providing personalized support to increase workplace success. “Autism cuts across every segment of society, yet not every part of that segment has equal access to the tools they should. Striving for equity by providing tools and resources within these segments is important for the success of our communities,”…

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The Pearl is the social enterprise of Autism Nova Scotia which includes a high quality, affordable jewellery line made by family, friends and people on the autism spectrum here in Nova Scotia.
The sale of each piece of jewellery directly supports the programs and services at Autism Nova Scotia, but more importantly helps support families and individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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Creating Change

Working toward a world where autistic people no longer face barriers to living their best quality of life, Autism Nova Scotia advocates for the autistic community across all levels of government. We act as leaders in educating and training employers, organizations, and institutions in accepting and accommodating autistic individuals in all areas of society.

How to create change

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