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Host Chapter: South West Categories: Adults, Children and Youth

Adaptive Swim Lessons (South West)

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Trained aquatics instructors provide one-to-one swim lessons for autistic individuals in a low-sensory swimming environment.

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Age/Life Stage:

Ages 3+


The Adaptive Swim Lessons program is an opportunity for autistic folks ages 3+ to be supported 1 to 1 by a trained swim instructor in a low sensory environment.

Lessons provide a foundation of water safety and teaches basic swimming skills meeting the participant where they are. This means goals for some participants could include being comfortable with their hair wet or blowing bubbles, while other participants work up to diving in the deep end. 

The program takes place during the Summer in Digby and during Fall, Spring and Winter in Yarmouth. Adaptive Swim Lessons runs for eight weeks with a 30 minute lesson weekly.

Registration Cost:

The cost for the program depends on lesson fees at your local pool.


Jessica Stichler, Autism Support Coordinator

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