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Host Chapter: Truro Categories: Parents and Caregivers

Parent Support Group (Truro)

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Our Parent Support Group is a monthly in-person gathering that brings together parents and caregivers of autistics who are various ages and stages across the lifespan.

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Ages/Life Stage:

All ages & stages across the Lifespan


Truro Chapter Regional Autism Centre, 89 Queen St, Truro, NS


The Parent support groups brings together parents and other caregivers who have the common, shared experience of supporting a loved one who has ASD. This is an informal gathering with no set agenda, where peers come together to learn from each other’s experiences, pose questions to one another based on current challenges or barriers to support, learn how others have navigated to resources on behalf of a family member on the Autism Spectrum, and gather information they can use in their own life as a support person, advocate or caregiver. Everyone is encouraged to attend, not just when you are experiencing difficulties and need support. When things feel overwhelming you may need the meeting, but when things are going well, the meeting needs you!


Leah Poirier, Autism Support Coordinator, Truro

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