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Host Chapter: Truro Categories: Children and Youth


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Swim-Abilities is recreational program for autistic children & youth that offers a low sensory swimming environment and one-on-one support & instruction. This program seeks to create conditions for participants to have a successful, enjoyable water experience. For those who are attracted to water, it will also help obtain basic skills for Canadian Swim to Survive standards.

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Ages/Life Stage:

Children & Youth, Ages 3-13+


Rath Eastlink Community Center – Wilson’s Aquatic Center, 625 Abenaki Rd, Truro, NS


Swim classes take place once/week for 30 minutes over a period of 8 weeks. It is our goal to create the conditions for participants to have a successful water experience.

Our vision for this program is: Swimming is valued as basic life skill, where all people with a diagnosed disability learn to swim & be safe near water and risk of drowning in our community is eliminated.

ANS Truro Chapter partnered with staff at the RECC (Rath Eastlink Community Centre) to develop a program and create conditions for participants to have a successful water experience. This program offers a low sensory swimming environment, one-on-one support & instruction. Unique learning and communication needs of participants will be considered when matching participants to an instructor.

Instructors support and assess participant learning & water safety skills. We continue to welcome membership in the program until participants can demonstrate the skill sequence in the Canadian Swim to Survive Standards that include: ROLL into deep water – TREAD water (1 min.) – SWIM 50 metres. When a participant can demonstrate these skills independently, we will discuss options for them to continue to participate in another aquatics program & support them in transitioning.

"Because the pool is quiet and less crowded, we see our swimmer listening and participating more. We have seen her do more in just a few 30 minutes sessions than in any other program."

- Parent


Leah Poirier, Autism Support Coordinator, Truro

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