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Host Chapter: Cape Breton Region Categories: Adults, Children and Youth

Taekwondo with Island Martial Arts

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An all-inclusive program to learn taekwando. Volunteer instructors are paired 1:1 with each participant.

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Ages/Life Stage:

Youth, aged 9+


Island Martial Arts, 1464 George Street, Sydney, NS B1P 1P3

Island Martial Arts, 1464 George Street, Sydney, NS B1P 1P3

Island Martial Arts has partnered with Autism Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Region chapter to offer Taekwondo classes.

This 10-week program is for individuals with varying abilities that have an interest in Taekwondo.

Classes begin each Saturday at 10am and go for 45mins.

Caregivers are asked to fill out an intake-registration form, and stay inside the building. A room is available to relax and watch the class on screen. This has been very successful in giving the student some independence, while keeping the caregiver(s) at ease while they observe the class.

""When you learn the art of Martial Art Taikwando, you also learn, respect, how to follow instruction, all while taking part in a meaningful experience" "



Sam Gascoyne, Autism Support Coordinator

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