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Host Chapter: Halifax, Annapolis Valley, Cape Breton Region, Truro Categories: Adults

Employment: General Support

The General Employment Support team at Autism Nova Scotia is a part of the larger employment and community transitions department. The team is made up of four staff within Nova Scotia; you will find them in Annapolis Valley, Cape Breton Region, Halifax, and Truro. These staff seek to connect working-age adolescents and adults on the autism spectrum to community-based supports based on their individual wants, needs, and goals in relation to employment.


General employment support can range from:

  • Connecting individuals to pre-employment and employment readiness programs and services 
  • Connecting individuals to employment agencies for case management and career counselling support 
  • Adding individuals to our Job Seekers Database to gain access to inclusive employment opportunities 
  • Providing pre employment coaching, such as cover letter and resume support, mock interview support and direct interview support 
  • Refer individuals to other support services within the community, such as: mental health support, social programming, and more 
  • Provide connections to assist individuals with post-secondary education

Ages/Life Stage:



  • Annapolis Valley
  • Cape Breton Region 
  • Halifax 
  • Truro


Annapolis Valley:
Annapolis Valley Application

Cape Breton Region: Cape Breton Region Compass

Halifax: Halifax Compass

Truro: Truro Application

The Compass Terms of Use

The Compass Terms of Use


Annapolis Valley

Emelia Visca, Autism Outreach and Employment Support Coordinator

Cape Breton Region
Winter Cullen, Labour Market Facilitator 

Haley Leonard, Autism Outreach Coordinator

Angela Ettinger,Autism Outreach and Employment Support Coordinator 

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