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Myles’ Autism Journey

In the world of sending and getting packages, there’s a special story about friendship and accepting each other at DHL. Let’s meet Myles, who is autistic and works at DHL. His journey has changed the way he sees working together and feeling like you belong. 

Last year, Myles joined a team made up of his DHL friends for the Walk YOUR Way for Autism Nova Scotia event. What made this so great wasn’t just joining in, but how much his teammates supported him. Myles said, “It feels really good when friends want to support you; it means a lot.”

But it hasn’t always been easy for Myles with other teams. He was diagnosed with autism when he was five, and it was hard for him to understand and accept it. “I didn’t know what to think or feel about it,” he said. Accepting himself was tough, especially when he was a teenager and wanted to prove himself to people who weren’t autistic. 

One memory from when Myles was younger sticks out. He loved playing lacrosse but was told he couldn’t be the goalie. This hurt him, but he didn’t give up. “I never stopped trying; I just kept going.” 

Things changed for Myles when he joined the rugby team in high school. Instead of being left out, his coach understood him and made sure he felt included. This made Myles believe in the power of including everyone.  

Now, Myles not only plays Australian rules football but also teaches others about autism. He wants people to understand that every autistic person is different, “I can’t speak for every autistic person because we’re all unique,” he said.  

Myles is excited for the next Walk YOUR Way event, where he knows he’ll have the support of his DHL family. He also works hard to make sure everyone at DHL feels like they belong and are valued. He is a current member of the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging committee. Recently, he won an award for being the Employee of the Year at his local DHL, showing how much everyone appreciates him. 

In Myles’ story, we learn that being different is okay, and including everyone makes us stronger. Let’s walk alongside Myles and others like him, making sure everyone feels accepted and valued.