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Autism Acceptance Month

Strong communities are filled with diverse people where we accept and celebrate our differences and learn from each other. Autism Acceptance Month encourages us to continue to build inclusive communities where everyone is accepted and has a place to belong.

Here are some of the stories from our wonderful community:

Autism cuts across every segment of society, yet not every part of that segment has equal access to the tools they should. Striving for equity by providing tools and resources within these segments is important.

Andrew, Employment Coaching Participant

The Person Directed Planning Program gave me the confidence I needed to set goals. The program facilitators supported me by making sure I was on the right path to achieving my goals.

Ashley Thomas, PDPP participant

Autism Nova Scotia gave me the tools to identify healthy relationships and social cues, helping me build the relationships I deserve.

Noah Metcalfe

What does Autism Nova Scotia mean to me? It means bringing hope to those in Nova Scotia who need its help.

Bob Craig

I adore animals, reading, science, and jigsaw puzzles. I was diagnosed late, and often I can’t say what I’m thinking or feeling, but I can communicate well by writing! I love that I can connect to our community and share ideas through Autistics Aloud. I love reading about other people on the spectrum and listening to their experiences and ideas. I’m really lucky to be part of this community.

Danielle, Autistics Aloud Contributor

Autism Nova Scotia connected me to the employment and life skills resources I needed to live independently and contribute to my community.

Tristan Burns

I think that Autism Arts makes a big difference in the community because it helps Autistic kids, who usually try to hide who they are, be able to go be themselves, have fun, and make art.

Payton Dicks, Autism Arts Participant