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3 Tips for Mealtime

Mealtime is an opportunity to explore, learn and build confidence with routines. Toddlers might refuse some foods, and that’s ok! It’s important to give them the time and space to move at their own pace and enjoy their “safe” foods.

The QuickStart team has 3 tips for mealtime:

  1. Eating meals together is a great way to show toddlers the different foods each family member enjoys eating. It’s also a great way to model skills such as using utensils or drinking from a cup.
  2. Try using the rule of three by presenting two preferred foods and one new food.  Remember to encourage your toddler to eat and let them become comfortable with this new food.
  3. The seating position is important during mealtime. Make sure your child is in a safe position when chewing and swallowing.

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