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Talking about Healthy Relationships

Relationships are the connections between people. Everyone has relationships that fall into many categories such as: sexual, romantic, friendship, family, service provider, colleague/boss, etc. Sometimes, these relationships may happen in more than one category. For example, a romantic partner may also be a best friend.

Regardless of the category of relationship, it is important to know that healthy and unhealthy relationships exist; this is not exclusive to romantic or sexual relationships. In healthy relationships, all of the people involved create a space where everyone feels respected, cared for, supported, and valued by the other person. Healthy relationships provide people a safe space to be themselves and bring pleasure and joy to their own and each other’s lives.

Some characteristics of healthy relationships include:

  • you and the other person(s) have fun spending time together
  • you and the other person(s) feel comfortable sharing feelings and thoughts with one another
  • you and the other person respect each other’s differences
  • you and the other person(s) are proud of each other’s accomplishments and successes

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