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Understanding Coaching in the QuickStart Nova Scotia Program

What does “Coaching” mean?

Coaching provides a collaborative approach which focuses on the following in different roles and organizations, such as sports/fitness, business, education, and counselling.

1)Defining goals and finding out what is important to the individual person;

2)Creating plans and finding ways to achieve these goals and; 

3)Working toward accomplishing them together through practice opportunities

What does coaching look like in QuickStart NS?

In the QuickStart NS Parent Coaching Program, Parent Coaches support each caregiver in moving closer towards the goals identified for their child, in a conversational and reciprocal approach. Each Parent Coach is knowledgeable in child development, have an understanding for how people (adult and child) learn, and are experienced in the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), the teaching program used throughout the program

Each session is divided into sections to best support each family:

Check-in: This is an opportunity to reflect on the past week and share any successes, challenges, goals, new skills, and ideas for the focus of the week. This section will set the stage for the rest of the session by identifying the caregivers’ priorities and creating a plan together. 

Warm Up: Based on the previous weeks’ focus, this section will give the caregiver uninterrupted time to show the practice from the week. 

Topic Introduction: As a plan was set during the check-in on caregiver priorities, this section provides time to discuss the new topic or strategies based on what was identified and through collaborative conversation and reflection

Practice Activity 1 & 2: Once the topic has been reviewed and strategies discussed, each caregiver can practice the strategies and goals. The Parent Coach provides in the moment feedback and time to reflect through guided questions to support the caregiver in feeling confident in engaging with their child for the upcoming week 

Closing: Time is saved for the end of the session to reflect on the conversations (e.g., topics, goals, and strategies) to create a plan for the week and support in identifying other routines or activities to practice.