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Ideas for Outdoor Play in the Spring

As the days feel warmer and you start spending more time outside, consider these 7 outdoor activity ideas to keep playing fun and engaging.

Toy Car Wash:

Fill a bin with soapy water, have a toy car wash and practice washing and drying the cars.

Teddy Picnic:

Set up an outdoor picnic with a blanket, cups, plates, spoons and forks and bring teddies to join the activity. Encourage feeding the teddies and serving them drinks.

Sensory Activity:

Fill large bowls or plastic crates with different textures, such as dry rice, pasta, water, jelly, mud or sand. Explore the different textures together with your hands or feet.

Magic Painting:

Bring a bowl of water and a paintbrush outside and get creative by “painting” the sidewalk, doors, fences etc. The water will make marks on different surfaces and magically disappear once it dries.

Outdoor Ball:

Practice different body movements and coordination by kicking, throwing, bouncing or rolling balls.


Gardening is an opportunity to practice fine motor skills, strengthen hand movements, coordination and increase independence. Gardening activities could include watering plants, digging holes for seeds, and harvesting.

Sticky Nature Art:

Place a piece of tape sticky side up on a flat surface, and collect leaves, flowers or grass to stick onto the tape and make nature art. Try labelling the items and practice remembering each item.