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Make Reading Books Fun

The QuickStart team wants to share 5 tips to make reading books fun at an early age.

1) Keep Reading Interesting

Pick books that align with your child’s interests or books that are funny.

2) Bring the Words to Life

Bring the words to life by pointing to the words and pictures as you read.  This will help your child connect what they are hearing to what they’re seeing in the book. You can also show real-life examples of the things mentioned in the story.

3) Take Your Time

It’s ok to spend more time on pages your child is interested in. Allow them to point to things on the page and label what they’re pointing to. Take the time to pause and make comments or ask open-ended questions about the story or pictures.

4) Have Fun With Your Tone

Change the speed and volume of your tone when reading the book. You can turn repetitive phrases into songs or change your tone for different characters or events.

5) Incorporate Movement

Reading doesn’t always need to be a calm activity. If the book talks about big actions such as dancing or jumping, try standing up and performing these actions with your child.