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National Volunteer Week 2023

As we reflect during National Volunteer Week, we would like to recognize and thank our many volunteers across the province for their generous gift of time and energy. As a non-profit organization, our programs could not run without the help of our wonderful volunteers. 

Here are the stories from some of our incredible volunteers across the province.

During yoga class, participants seem joyful, aware of others, take pleasure when succeeding poses and are receptive to instruction and feedback. As a facilitator and yoga teacher, I look forward to each week knowing the individuals will likely progress a little further than the last session!  

Chloe Luckett, Volunteer Yoga Program instructor  

Helping develop a swim program with Autistic children was the greatest accomplishment of my aquatic career. Seeing kids build their skills and become comfortable with water has brought warmth to my heart. I retired a few years ago and decided I would like to volunteer with the After School Social Group. I look forward to seeing the children each week. We chat, do crafts, and play games.   

Peggy Bannier, Pictou Volunteer  

I began volunteering with Autism Nova Scotia to ensure that the programs our autism community relied on would continue well into the future. What I didn’t expect was to witness and be part of so many stories of love, friendship and belonging. I have seen many volunteers come through our programs who excelled in their area of work and formed long-lasting friendships with other team members and program participants. Being part of a team that experiences growth in such a caring way is truly rewarding.   

Crystal MacLeod, Cape Breton Region Volunteer  

I wanted to be helpful to the team and support people like me who were diagnosed with autism or down syndrome.  

Makayla Hadley, Truro Chapter Volunteer 

My volunteer experience with Autism Nova Scotia further strengthened my passion for empowering autistic individuals to express their creativity and unique personalities. I am so thankful to be a part of such an amazing organization that has taught me so much about myself. 

Joe Stephen, Adult Social Group Volunteer 

I started volunteering after my daughter was diagnosed with Autism at 3, and I was looking for social activities and support for her and our family. I believe many of the activities Jess participates in through Autism Nova Scotia have helped shape her and our family into who we are today. We have made friendships that will last a lifetime. I feel I am a better teacher, parent and friend from my experience volunteering. I got as much from volunteering as I gave. I feel like we, as families, learned, grew, and bonded. Those feelings of being alone and not having programs that fit the needs of people with autism was my driving force to create our swim program, art therapy and music therapy. 

Allison, Pictou Volunteer  

I love volunteering with Autism Nova Scotia. I have always wanted to give back to my community and work with people. Most of my experience has been volunteering with the social groups each month, and I have enjoyed getting to know each participant in small group settings! It’s been a lot of fun playing games and communicating with participants about their experiences and interests.  

Melinda Taylor, Truro Chapter Volunteer 

Volunteering with Autism Nova Scotia has been one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Throughout my time with Autism Nova Scotia, I’ve been encouraged to look at the world through a new lens, giving me a greater appreciation for all things different. I have learned new ways to better my communication and empathy skills and manage my time, so I make sure to leave room to participate in the things I love.

Emily Challis, Teen Social Group Volunteer

Volunteering with Autism Nova Scotia has been incredibly rewarding because of the meaningful connections I have formed and the leadership opportunities available to me, and it’s fun!

Grace Potts, Adult Social Group Volunteer

The reason I volunteer is in the picture with me and my son Jarrett.   

When I was asked to join the board for the Regional Autism Centre, I was more than happy to join. Our Centre is doing great things, and I am so glad to be a small part of it.  

Susan Greene, Cumberland County Volunteer  

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