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Career Quest

What is Career Quest?

Career Quest is a supported job search group where job seekers over the age of 16 are given tools and accommodations to build skills that will give them a head start when job searching. Job seekers will have the opportunity to build a habit of job searching and applying, and transfer these skills learned at Autism Nova Scotia to a local employment agency. 

How often does Career Quest run?
Career Quest runs twice a week for 2 hours each session (total of 4 hours per week). The group takes place either out of the Spring Garden office or the Bedford office, depending on each cohort. Each cohort can accommodate up to 8 job seekers with 2 cohorts running simultaneously throughout the year.

How does Career Quest work?
Career Quest is composed of 2 phases to help job seekers with job searching:

Phase 1
Phase 1 of Career Quest is completed entirely at one of Autism Nova Scotia’s offices. In this phase, job seekers will develop the following skills:
  • To independently job search
  • To apply to various jobs
  • To understand how to use different employer websites to find job opportunities
  • To distinguish what types of jobs would be a good fit
  •  To tailor a resume and cover letter to suit the job posting being applied to
  • To write professional emails when applying
  •  To keep track of the jobs searched and applied to
  • To keep the job postings applied to
  • To have a consistent job searching and applying habit of 2 days a week for 2 hours

Phase 2
Once the job seeker has mastered and gained certain job seeking skills during Phase 1, they will transition into Phase 2. In the second phase, the job seeker will begin to split up their weekly sessions between Autism Nova Scotia’s office (Bedford or Spring Garden) and a local employment agency. Once the job seeker is more comfortable and independent with job searching at their local employment agency, the job seeker will transition to job searching outside of Autism Nova Scotia until employment is achieved.
There is no time-limit within Career Quest; the Job Seeker is in the group for as long as needed to further develop their skills to reach the next phase of independent job searching.

Who is Career Quest for?
Career Quest is for persons diagnosed with ASD over the age of 16, who are ready to join the work force.

Ready, Willing, & Able
Career Quest works in partnership with Ready, Willing & Able (RWA), a federally-funded program, each Job Seeker becomes a part of the RWA Job Seekers Database. Information on the database remains confidential. RWA can also help provide financial supports for workplace adaptation.

Sign Up
If interested in joining Career Quest, please contact Hannah Teeple at or by phone: 902-593-1015 ext. 311

Career Quest is funded through the Department of Labour and Advanced Education through the Province of Nova Scotia.