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Andrew’s Employment Success

Employment support programs break workplace barriers by providing personalized support to increase workplace success.

“Autism cuts across every segment of society, yet not every part of that segment has equal access to the tools they should. Striving for equity by providing tools and resources within these segments is important for the success of our communities,” says Andrew.

Autism Nova Scotia’s One-to-One Employment Coaching offers free support to individuals on the autism spectrum. The program provides support in areas such as finding and maintaining a job or working to develop workplace skills.

Andrew is a program participant with a bachelor’s degree in political science from UNB and a diploma in paralegal services from NSCC. He decided to try On-Site Employment Coaching after being out of the job market for a year due to COVID-19.

“After being on COVID-19 employment insurance for a year, I needed the income. I wanted to find an employer that would understand my goals and where I want to see myself heading,” says Andrew.

Andrew began working at Lawton’s and was connected with Brittany, a One-to-One Employment Coach, to assist Andrew in navigating the new work environment.

“Brittany was great, if I needed to discuss something urgent, I would take it to her, and we would find a solution. She watched me when I needed help and faded when I didn’t need support. She was also a good lunch buddy.”

Andrews’s new position allowed him to discover his personal workplace preferences by trying different roles and interacting with other colleagues.

“Operating cash isn’t my favourite thing, but I can do it. I really like what I’m doing will help with my five-year plan.”

For many reasons, applying to jobs or reaching out for support can be out of someone’s comfort level. Andrew suggests looking at your goals and using them as a motivational tool.

“My goal is to put my suit back on and get back to working at a law firm. I recommend employment coaching when trying something new. When volunteering with Legal Aid, I was comfortable, but at Lawton’s, most things were new, so working with Brittany was fantastic.”

One-to-One Employment Coaching allowed Andrew to refresh his skills and develop workplace confidence.

“I found online paralegal upgrading, and I’m doing my LSATs in November. Employment coaching and Lawton’s have played a crucial role by allowing me to realize what I can do,” says Andrew.