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Five Tips for Post-Secondary Students        

Post-Secondary Autism Support Services [PASS] is here to help you navigate the transition from high school to early adulthood and post-secondary. The program works to create plans that are unique and support you in creating the life that is right for you.

PASS wants to share five tips to help you succeed as a post-secondary student.

  1. Book a Campus Tour

Your post-secondary campus can be large and confusing. Booking a campus tour can allow you to see where classes and other services are located. Booking a campus tour can also reduce stress and help you find the most efficient routes to get to class on time.

2. Explore the Campus Website

Exploring the campus website can help you discover all the supports and services you can utilize as a student. From societies and clubs to mental health and financial support, your campus will offer many useful and exciting services. You’ll be able to find information on these services and who to contact by exploring the campus website.

3. Register for Welcome Week Events

Life gets busy once classes begin, making it difficult to form connections. Attending welcome week events is an excellent way to build school spirit, get involved in the community and meet new people.

4. Keep a List of Important Dates

Chances are your campus offers a list of important dates, such as course drop dates and financial deadlines. Semesters go by fast and being aware of these dates ensures you don’t forget important deadlines that could impact your grades or finances.

5. Keep Track of Due Dates

Deadlines and midterms approach quickly. Using a calendar for important due dates can help you visualize the amount of time you have to prepare and block off enough time to study for each class.

If you want to learn more about Post-Secondary Autism Support Services or have questions, email us at