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6 Quick Tips for Trick or Treating

Halloween events and trick or treating can be challenging to navigate with toddlers. The QuickStart team wants to share six tips to help your family have a successful spooky night.

1- Consider Comfort

Consider your child’s comfort level with their costume. Every child will have different needs and comfort levels when it comes to fabric and temperature.

2- Plan

Familiarity can be comforting for your child—Plan to visit familiar routes and people. Also, start your adventure earlier in the day.

3- Practice

Try practicing a few days before the big event in your home by knocking on bedroom doors.

4- Be Consistent

Keep a consistent schedule on the big day by practicing your typical daytime routine.

5- Pay Attention to Body Language

Follow your child’s body language for signs that they’re ready to go home.

6- Have Fun!

Make your Halloween adventure fun by joining another family.

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