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4 Routine Tips after the Holiday Season

The holiday season is often a busy time when daily routines (i.e., mealtime, playtime, bedtime) can become disrupted. Once the season ends and we begin to re-establish those familiar routines, some children may find this shift challenging.

The QuickStart team has four tips to consider while supporting your child in their return to daily routines after the holiday season.

  1. Watch for body cues your child may use to communicate that they need more support from you. Remember to give extra time for your child to move through the routine independently.
  2. Use one to two words to describe any big emotions your child may be experiencing while re-familiarizing themselves with the routines.
  3. If your child is experiencing big emotions, take three deep breaths and find your calm to support in co-regulating with your child.
  4. Be consistent with your daily routines by completing tasks the same way each time you do the routine. Narrate actions and label objects within the routine using one or two words to build familiarity and predictability.

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