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Quick Tips for Dressing

Dressing involves multiple skills and movements within one routine, like balance, coordination, pushing, pulling and other fine motor skills. Consider the steps below to try and practice with your child to set them up for success!

1) When supporting your child in their independence with dressing, make sure they are in a comfortable position on the floor or sitting on a small chair so they can focus more on dressing than balancing.

2) When practicing dressing routines and encouraging your child to dress, consider using looser fitting clothing like sweatpants, track pants, shorts or t-shirts. These kinds of clothes can be a little easier to pull on and off.

3) When introducing your child to dress on their own, it can be helpful for the caregiver to make the routine fun one by adding in a song, rhyme or tickles!

4) Remember when starting a new independent routine, it can take multiple times for your child to see and notice how to do the routine, understand all the different steps and materials involved before expecting them to participate.