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Playing with Water

Water play is a fantastic way to stay cool and engaged this summer!

The QuickStart team wants to share tips to help make water play safe and fun.

Comfort is Key: Ensure the water is at a comfortable temperature.

Join the Fun: We learn by watching! Model fun actions like scooping and pouring water, splashing around, or running through the sprinkler.

Talk About It: Narrate your actions by saying things like, “I’m running through the sprinkler” or “You’re filling up the bucket!” to boost language skills.

Show Enthusiasm: Use a cheerful tone and big smiles so everyone can join the fun.

Safety First: Always supervise water play to ensure safety.

Looking for new water play ideas? Try these:

Ice Excavation: Freeze toys in a water container and use tools to free them. A turkey baster with warm water works wonders!

Giant Bubble Bath: Fill a kiddie pool with water and bubble bath soap for endless bubbly fun.

Water Sensory Bin: Fill a bucket with water, bath toys, and kitchen items like cups and spoons for sensory exploration.

Wash Station: Create a toy wash station with soapy water. Wash toy cars, baby dolls, or animal figures with sponges or cloths.

Enjoy the summer, and stay cool with these water play ideas!

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