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Valentine’s Day Activity

Valentine’s Day activities can be a great way to practice fine motor skills with your child. The QuickStart team wants to share one activity you can do at home this Valentine’s Day.

1. Make Confetti

Work the muscles in your child’s hand by ripping, tearing or cutting paper to create fun confetti.

2. Create a Valentine’s Day Poster

Draw a heart on a sheet of paper and glue your confetti pieces. This may be a more advanced skill that requires several steps, such as:

  • Picking up the confetti
  • Putting glue on the confetti
  • Sticking them onto the paper

3. Decorate Your Poster

Decorate your poster by incorporating stickers into your craft.

To make the stickers easy to remove, remove the white backing surrounding the stickers. This allows your child to easily move the paper and use their index finger and thumb to remove the stickers from the page.

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