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Provincial Autism Action Plan Community Advisory Committee

Chapters: Annapolis Valley, Cape Breton Region, Cumberland County, Halifax, Pictou County, South Shore, South West, Strait Area, Truro

Please note: Thank you to everyone who applied for the committee. Applications are now closed. Each application will be reviewed by the Provincial Autism Action Plan Project Team who will select and notify the representative members.

What is the Provincial Autism Action Plan?

The Provincial Autism Action Plan is a proposed framework that represents a historic commitment, made by our provincial government, to work with Autism Nova Scotia in establishing inclusive policy across all government departments to create equity for people on the Autism Spectrum throughout Nova Scotia. The goal of this policy work will be to create an accessible, effective, affordable, sustainable, and integrated service framework. This framework will support individuals at every stage of life—children, teens, and adults.

By combining the expertise and resources of different invested parties and those with first-person lived experience we know this plan will improve the quality of life for autistic individuals and their families. We also want to ensure fair access to essential services and opportunities throughout their lives, identifying and filling gaps.

What is the Autism Action Plan Community Advisory Committee?

The Autism Action Plan Community Advisory Comittee will serve as a vital platform for individuals who have autism, families, friends and others in the community to directly contribute their unique perspectives, insights, and voices to the decision-making processes that shape the work of the Provincial Autism Action Plan Committee.

The primary purpose is to ensure that the first-person perspectives of Autistic individuals and those within the autistic community are heard and valued in all aspects of the work done to further the Autism Action Plan.

Factors That Will Be Considered When Selecting our Candidates:

Autistic Identity: Candidates should be individuals who identify as autistic, providing a firsthand perspective on the experiences, challenges, and needs of the autistic community.

Life Experience: Parents, guardians, family members and friends who love, live with, and support a person who has autism.

Residency in Nova Scotia: Membership will be restricted to individuals who reside in Nova Scotia, ensuring that committee members have a direct understanding of the local context and community resources available.

Diversity of Perspectives: The committee should aim to include members with diverse backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and perspectives, including individuals from different age groups, genders, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds, means of communications and support needs.

Collaborative Spirit: Committee members should be able to work collaboratively with other members, stakeholders, and organizations to address issues, develop solutions, and advocate for positive change in the community.

Knowledge of Autism Issues: Alongside invaluable personal experience, candidates with additional knowledge or expertise in areas such as autism research, education, healthcare, policy, or advocacy may bring valuable insights to the committee’s discussions and initiatives.

In addition, we are seeking candidates that also have:

Time and Availability: Committee members should have the time and availability to actively participate in meetings, which can include some pre-meeting preparation and stay informed about relevant issues and developments.

Respect for Confidentiality: Members should demonstrate a commitment to maintaining confidentiality regarding sensitive information discussed within the committee and respect the privacy of fellow members and stakeholders.

How can you apply?

Applications closed on Wednesday, July 3 at noon. Please note: current Autism Nova Scotia staff are not eligible to apply.

Applications/Submissions may include the following:

General Information that will be collected in an informational form/skills matrix to ensure representation within the committee, such as:

  • Region
  • Socioeconomic Status
  • Gender Identity
  • Race/Ethnic Background
  • Age
  • Skills (Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, etc.)
  • If you have a resume, please feel welcome to include it though resumes are not strictly necessary for this application.
  • An Expression of Interest Letter/Motivation Letter is welcome if you feel it could support your application.

Once applications are received, they will be reviewed by the Provincial Autism Action Plan Project Team who will then select the representative members.

When selection is complete, applicants will be contacted and notified if they have been chosen to be a part of this committee, to formally accept the offer and discuss remuneration for participation.

These decisions will be made quickly, and the committee expects to meet for the first time mid-July.

If you need any support in completing the application form please email

You can refer to this FAQ for more information.